2023 Incogni Review: Protect Personal Information

We know it’s no secret that data brokers hold personal information about us. The question is how much they know, and what can we do to protect our privacy? Incogni helps you discover the different types of data out there and shows you where your personal information may be exposed.

What is Incogni?

Incogni is a subscription-based service that Surfshark created, and it helps users exercise their right to make data brokers delete their personal information. The app automatically does data removal from hundreds of databases and conducts regular sweeps so that brokers don’t re-add it.


Personal data has become a commodity that data broker companies are trading and making a lot of money, disregarding personal privacy. It is where Incogni comes in to protect your personal privacy, especially in this internet age where free public wi fi networks are readily available.

Incogni also provides users with a detailed report of how much data is collected about them and where it comes from. The platform then allows users to send that report to specific companies and request that they delete their information.

Who is a Data broker?

Data brokers are companies that collect, analyze and sell personal information. The government doesn’t regulate them in any protection law, so they can do whatever they want with your data, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Data brokers can be used to track you online and offline; this means that even if you delete your social media accounts or don’t use Google Maps anymore, your data will still be out there in the world somewhere.

Data brokers may also sell your personal information to third parties without permission. It is well known that they are paid more for their data breaches depending on the data sensitivity.

Incogni data removal services work with over 180+ data brokers for their data removal services.

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Types of personal information data brokers hold

You may ask yourself, “What kind of information is being collected?” The answer depends on the data broker. Some hold basic information like your full name, date of birth, education level, relatives, gender, email, address, and phone number;

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Others can access more sensitive details like social media accounts, credit card information, demographic details (such as age range), health information, employment history, and travel history. In some cases, they even have purchase history data tied back to your name so that they can track everything that you buy online or in-store.

Types of Data Brokers and the information they hold

People search sites; collect information about people, including their names, marital status, and location. They also often include the person’s email address and social media profiles.

Marketing data brokers; collect information on customer data online and offline behavior, including browsing history, social media activity, location data, and purchasing habits.

Financial information brokers; collect information about consumers’ financial records, including their credit scores and payment history. Data brokers often sell all these data points to companies that make such requests to build profiles on individuals, including consumers who don’t interact with them directly. The practice also raises concerns about whether people know the data being collected about them.

Recruitment mitigation brokers; collect information about job seekers, including their resumes, employment histories, and contact information. This industry has emerged in response to employers’ increasing use of software tools that mine data to spot potential employees who are a good fit for a specific position or company culture—but it also raises concerns about privacy rights.

Risk mitigation brokers; use data to assess people’s creditworthiness and other financial factors, such as whether they have unpaid bills or a history of making late payments. These brokers may also collect information about individuals’ health status and life expectancy, which could be used to determine what type of loan they are eligible for.

Social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn also use data to determine how users can be targeted. For example, social networks may sell ads based on the user’s interests or background. This raises concerns about the accuracy of information used for targeting; discrimination based on race, ethnicity, or other protected characteristics.

Health information brokers, such as medical records and insurance companies, may use data to determine the likelihood that someone will be diagnosed with a certain disease or develop certain health problems. For example, IMS Health may sell information about patients’ prescription drug use to help pharmaceutical companies determine which types of drugs are most likely to be prescribed to certain individuals.

How does Incogni execute the data removal requests?

  • Sends official data removal requests to data brokers to have them delete all of their customer’s information from their databases. This may include sensitive personal details such as Social Security numbers, login credentials, and purchase histories.
  • Removing personal information from a database by sending opt-out requests to people search sites such as BeenVerified and Intelius.
  • Re-send opt-out requests periodically to ensure their information does not reappear on databases from which Incogni has already removed it.
  • Search for new data brokers to add to their contact list and increase the area in which they search for records belonging to their customers.

Why you need to subscribe to Incogni

You need to subscribe to Incogni because it’s the only way to protect your personal data privacy.

Although data privacy laws and regulations protect individuals’ rights to personal information, it can take more than 300 hours for one person to remove him or herself from the databases of multiple data brokers.

Data removal is rarely permanent. Most data brokers will keep a backup of your personal information, and in many cases, they’ll reacquire it after some time has passed—regardless if you’ve ever interacted with them before.

New data brokers come in daily, and you need Incogni to send those official data removal requests.

Incogni provides a subscription-based service for repeatedly removing your data from the market. The yearly subscription comes with an extra 50% discount and saves you years worth of manual removal.

Incogni Pricing

Incogni recently updated its pricing, which is affordable compared to its alternative while maintaining high-quality customer service.

Incogni cost subscription has two budget-friendly pricing plans;

  • The $6.49 monthly for the annual plan will save you up to 50%.
  • A monthly plan that goes for only $12.99.
Cost of protecting your personal privacy

We recommend that you go for the yearly plan. This will save you up to 50% and ensure you are continuously protected from data theft.

The best way to ensure that your personal data is deleted from a broker’s database is by opting for continuous removal requests with Incogni. With an active subscription, you are always protected from the moment you first initiate such a request.

How to cancel your subscription

If you want to terminate your use of their official data removal request Services, you simply reach out to the customer help desk: support@incogni.com.They are willing to give you a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

If you’re a monthly user, you might not know what will happen once your subscription ends. According to the data rights protocols, it takes about 30-45 days for a data broker to respond to a request for removal. This means that a request might still be pending even if your subscription ends.

Incogni will continue working on pending removal requests even if your subscription has already ended. If you want to continue receiving updates about new data brokers, you’ll have to renew it.

You cannot claim a refund after 30 days since you purchased an item. Still, in exceptional cases, They will consider giving you money back at their sole discretion if you can prove that the service did not function properly and that you tried to contact them.

Incogni Ease of use

We evaluated Incogni’s usability based on three criteria: signup, dashboard functionality, and customer service. Our findings were that. Incogni’s customer service is excellent. The dashboard is clear and easy to navigate, and setting it up was super easy.

How to join Incogni

Incogni’s Automated Personal Data Removal Services handles all interactions with data brokers, from follow-up communication to fighting rejected claims. They help their clients erase data from a site or app in half the time it would otherwise take and keep that information from being uploaded again.

Clients need only to do the following;

  • Use their online form to create a user account and tell them whose personal data they will remove. They recommend you register with the email address you use most often—this will make it easier for them to find your records online.
  • Give them the right to work for you through a power of attorney, and they will request the removal of your data from all the data brokers.
  • Once you’ve hired them, please sit back and watch them work. They will handle any objections from data brokers and keep you updated on their progress every step of the way.

How to sign in

To create an account, visit Incogni.com and enter your email address and password.

Incogni login

Then you follow the following easy steps;

Confirm your email address; ensure you have provided a valid one.

Incogni login

Personal information; provide your full name correctly

Incogni login

Address information; Your home address.

Incogni login

Authorization form; When signing this form, you permit Incogni to request data removals from third-party companies on your behalf. This document applies only as long as you are subscribed to their service and becomes null and void should you stop using Incogni altogether.

Incogni login

Checkout; Pick your payment plan and pay through your favorite channel. Incogni gives you the option of using a credit card or Paypal.

Incogni login

Once you have completed the registration process, Incogni will send a request on your behalf for personal data removal.

After that, you’ll receive an onboarding email explaining the basics of starting on the incogni dashboard. The steps are easy to follow.

How good is Incogni?


  • Easy to use, especially with the incogni dashboard.
  • You immediately begin to get the result.
  • Frequent Status updates.
  • Great customer support.

Areas of Improvement

  • It’s only available for US, UK, Canada, Switzerland, and EU residents.
  • You need to maintain a subscription to guarantee your data protection.

Does Incogni protect your data privacy?

Incogni has a privacy policy that strictly follows the general data protection regulations that explain how it protects your data. Incogni uses the highest security standards to guarantee your identity theft protection. They store your data on Secure servers, which are encrypted before being transferred and stored in their online databases. In its current form, Incogni collects only your name and email address.

Is Incogni Legit?

Yes, Incogni is a legit privacy service that can help you keep track of the data brokers that have your information. It also provides reports on the progress of your removal requests. Its built-in cybersecurity company, Surfshark, has no history of data breaches.

is Incogni worth it?

Yes, it is worth it. We highly recommend that you start your data removal process by subscribing to Incogin because as long as you are one of the internet users, you have limited power to protect your privacy online.


In conclusion, we believe that Incogni is an excellent product you should consider subscribing to. It’s easy to use, has many features and benefits, and, most importantly, protects your personal information privacy from data brokers.

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